Generation 4 is proud to announce that due to our rapid growth
we are further expanding our capabilities for our customers.
In order to facilitate this metamorphosis, Generation 4 is
partnering to form a new entity: 4 Elements. 
We look forward to discussing these exciting changes with you.

  • NASA Hand Tool

    Generation 4 worked with NASA on the development of a hand tool to be used on the space station. G4 supplied research on tool bit designs and ergonomics for astronaut use in space. G4 also provided the total system design and played a major role in commercialization.

  • Water Proof Rebreather

    Generation 4 was hired by Water Proof to develop a new complete rebreather. This included everything from a proprietary adjustable metered lung demand design, to the complete scrubber. The intent of this design was to target the consumer market at a price point low enough to generate a larger volume of sales.

  • Varmint Target

    Generation 4 was hired by Fabriman to develop a shooting target that self-heals and auto-resets. The client had been building the product solely out of metal. G4 worked with the client to develop an injection mold assembly and reduce cost

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