Generation 4 is proud to announce that due to our rapid growth
we are further expanding our capabilities for our customers.
In order to facilitate this metamorphosis, Generation 4 is
partnering to form a new entity: 4 Elements. 
We look forward to discussing these exciting changes with you.

Our Services

Effective New Product Development Process

New Product Development (NPD) is often one of the least repetitive, lowest-volume processes in most companies or business units. The typical frequency of performing this process ranges from one to 100 projects per year in the vast majority of companies or business units. As a result, management frequently looks at NPD as 1.) More of an art than a defined business process, 2.) Involving highly-paid knowledge workers who don't need a well-defined business process, and/or 3.) Not as worthy of the effort to characterize and improve as are other business processes.


In addition, the typical duration of NPD projects ranges from six months to six years. As a result, development personnel don't have the opportunity to learn from and to refine the development process through repeated use on an individual basis. With the rapid pace of technology evolution, the hiring of many young engineers in some industries, high turn-over rates, it is not unusual to see development personnel with key roles in a development project, but who have not gone through a full development cycle on a prior project within their companies. In short, many development personnel have little understanding of or practical experience with any standard NPD process in their companies.


Contrary to this situation, the development process is critical to achieving time-to-market, development cost and risk, and the product's cost, quality, and performance on a consistent basis.


Generation 4 has the experience of the full product development cycle, and the refined process to help you through your New Product Development.

New Technologies

State of the Art Design Software

G4 utilizes the latest technology to assist in developing products in the most efficient way possible. Through the use of the newest software and constantly updated hardware, G4 ensures there is no delay due to lack of resources.

  • Design Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Vendor Liason
  • Prototypes
  • Worldwide Sourcing
  • Quality Control Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Assembly Engineering
  • 3D Database Development
  • Performance Evaluation Analysis FEA
  • Engineering 2D Drawing ASME Y14.5M